Accessorising your Gabriel Ash greenhouse

Gabriel Ash offers a wide range of accessories to help you improve your greenhouse. Whether you require staging or extra heating and lighting for your plants, Gabriel Ash can offer the accessories that you need to help keep your greenhouse and plants at their best.

When growing a variety of plants, it is important that you are aware of their needs so that you can provide them with whatever they need to thrive. Researching their needs beforehand will enable you to provide them with just the right amount of heating and lighting. There are a variety of greenhouse heaters to choose from, including small and large heaters and also energy efficiency heaters.

Staging is an ideal accessory for those who wish to keep their greenhouse tidy and organised. Staging is available in a wide variety of styles and sizes and is now available with slatted surfaces, which are designed to provide your plants with extra ventilation. Installing staging in your greenhouse will enable you to store a wide selection of plants and also small garden items such as pots and tools. Staging will enable you to keep your greenhouse free from clutter, providing a much better atmosphere for your plants.

Shelving is also a useful addition to any greenhouse. You can easily position shelving above your staging to give your greenhouse a tidy look. There are many types of shelving available, including Western Red cedar shelving, which is ideal for those looking for high quality attractive shelving that will compliment the rest of their greenhouse. Shelving is ideal for storing seed trays and small garden items.

Another accessory you may wish to consider adding to your greenhouse is ventilation. There is a wide selection of ventilation accessories available that will help to improve the atmosphere within your greenhouse. Louvre vents are an ideal choice for wooden greenhouses and are available with safety glass. Installing extra ventilation will help to keep your plants at their best.

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