A wreath from your own garden

While many struggle to source meaningful gifts at Christmas time, gardeners have the perfect opportunity to bestow personalised gifts on their loved ones.

Aside from giving plants that have been lovingly cultivated in the greenhouse, gardeners can put any loose twigs or dry leaves and flowers to good use by creating Christmas decorations.

These decorations not only make nice touches in the home but can also be given as a heartfelt gift – a fact acknowledged by the Royal Horticultural Society, according to a recent report in the Daily Telegraph.

Small pieces of birch, honeysuckle and willow can be twisted together and secured with garden twine to form the basis of a wreath which can then be decorated using acorns, dried leaves and flowers.

For added effect the extra adornments can be spray painted a Christmassy colour such as silver, gold or metallic red or even dusted with fake snow or glitter.

The greenhouse is an excellent place to carry out this piece of handicraft work – ensuring that no indoor furniture is damaged in the process.