A walk among the autumn leaves

With autumn approaching, gardeners are running out of time to catch the festival of trees at Kew Gardens in London.

The festival, which runs until Sunday November 2nd, gives visitors a chance to stroll, 18 meters from the ground, along the Xstrata Treetop Walkway, taking in the trees, the gardens and the views of London.

As the leaves turn from green to burnt orange, red and brown, visitors will be treated to an attractive view from the treetops, while learning about the trees and plants around them.

Project manager Tony Kirkham describes the walk as a privilege and hopes that it makes people understand the importance of trees.

"As a trained arborist I have had the privilege of being up in the tree canopy; experiencing trees at height and birds and other wildlife from a completely different perspective," he said.

"Its fantastic that we are able to give visitors the same experience and we hope it will make them realise that trees do matter and we need to nurture them."

Visiting the walkway, greenhouses and the gardens will likely give gardeners inspiration and ideas of what to grow in their own greenhouse.