A view to a fitter you

As more and more UK citizens focus on their health, the trend for home gyms is increasing.

While not many will be able to afford the extravagant £350,000 splashed out by footballer Steven Gerrard, including an exercise area in the home can be a good idea to encourage a sense of wellbeing, while saving on expensive gym memberships.

Daisy Waugh comments in The Times Onlines property section that people will rarely use a home gym tucked away into a garage or dark and dingy basement.

But a glazed extension could offer the perfect solution to where to exercise.

Natural light has known health benefits, while exercising with a view is more pleasant, and therefore more appealing, than facing a brick wall.

Those lucky enough to have a nice garden could enjoy the view while exercising by constructing a lean-to or conservatory.

This would allow light to stream in while offering a sheltered environment in which to train free from the crowded treadmills and leering eyes at the gym.