A rare knock on the conservatory door

An East Sussex woman has found a rare white peacock trying to enter her conservatory.

Joan Brooks, of Peacehaven, found the animal pecking at the door of her conservatory last Friday.

After contacting the RSPB and the Peacock Sanctuary, Ms Brooks explained she is worried for the rare birds safety.

"He arrived on Friday and kept knocking on the conservatory door," she told West Sussex County Times.

"He is up the tree in my garden at the moment.

"I am frightened someone will run him over or hurt him."

The animal is thought to be a rare white piebald peacock aged around 18 months old and is likely to belong to a collector.

A conservatory is often a haven for lovers of animals as it allows a good view of the garden and all its wildlife.

The piebald peacock is pure white and is arguably even more stunning than its multi-coloured cousin, the blue peacock.