A quarter plan home improvements

Despite the uncertain status of the housing market, people remain determined to carry out home improvements, it has been asserted.

A survey by retailer Ace Hardware suggests that one in four Americans plan to carry out a home development project within the coming months.

The site suggests that enhancing the value of a home – possibly through the installation of a kitchen extension – and improving quality of life are the primary drivers behind consumers embarking on DIY ventures.

"People are investing in their homes, but the survey results demonstrate that its as much about enhancing the value for the future as it is about improving their current quality of life," comments Lou Manfredini, a home improvement expert.

In related news, Martin Hocking, editor of Which? Money, recently told the Manchester Evening News that increasing the amount of living space in a property – possibly by having a kitchen extension built – is one of the best ways to add to a homes value.