A Lifetime of Gardening, £30k Please!

Research has shown that gardeners spend an average £30,000 on their garden in a lifetime, with plant purchases account for around 30% of this figure.

The survey by GardenExpress.co.uk asked 540 gardeners about their spending habits, with results showing that along with plants, lawns, garden buildings, patios and tools.

Garden furniture accounted for around 10% of money spent, whilst hard landscaping accounted for around £9000 of the average £30,000. Tools such as rakes, spades, shears and forks accounted for around £3500 of total money spent.

Chris Bonnet of GardenExpress.co.uk said;

“I would expect that very few gardeners expect their garden to be costing them around £30,000 in their lifetime. Many of the tools and electrical devices can last for years. It is only plants that you need to buy every year, so it is very easy to lose track of how much you are shelling out.”