A gardeners night in front of the TV

Those with a passion for greenhouses and gardens will have their own ideas about who has been the best or most influential gardener over the past ten years.

Tonight sees BBC2 broadcast its Gardener of the Decade programme where one lucky winner will be crowned king or queen of horticulture.

Five former Gardeners of the Year will face-off in a number of challenges designed to separate the wheat from the chaff.

A competition that includes rounds of speed weeding and border maintenance will likely be of interest to the many gardeners who are likely to leave the greenhouse to put their feet up and watch someone else do the work for a change.

Set in Cornwalls Eden Project, the historic show will be presented by Rachel de Thame and Joe Swift, and begins at 8pm.

It isnt all plain sailing for TV gardening though – Suttons marketing manager Tom Sharples recently criticised the lack of coverage of how to grow fruit on TV.

"We need to produce more information about fruit," he said.

"TV-wise there could be more coverage of new techniques."