A bright new space

A bespoke conservatory could be the perfect answer to homeowners seeking increased amounts of light, heat and room in their property.

Such is the opinion of Rob Reid, who makes his comments in the Daily Record, noting that a glass structure should aim to trap as much light as possible.

However, he notes that there are other factors to be taken into consideration, explaining that it should be positioned to complement the existing layout of a property to the greatest possible degree.

For example, he suggests that the edifice could serve as an addition to a dining room or kitchen and that one living space should lead seamlessly into another.

Concluding, he notes that consumers should ask themselves what they will use the structure for as this will impact on their choice of furniture and accessories as they need to create a suitable mood.

Meanwhile, interior design firm mch interiors suggests that consumers opt for the same flooring in both their conservatory and main living area to visually tie the two spaces together.