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8 x 10 Greenhouse Heater

The stainless steel casing of the Pheonix greenhouse heater make it a sensible choice for most greenhouse environments. The fan, although powerful (53 W), is quiet and smooth running making it also suitable for use in a conservatory. The heater can either be floor mounted using the floor brackets provided or if preferred can be hung from the apex of the greenhouse using the hanging chains. The roof rafters of a Gabriel Ash greenhouse will easily support this but for those gardeners with a different make of glasshouse please be advised that the heater weighs approximately 5 kilos. The power selector switch gives 3 output options of 1.0 kW, 1,8 kW or 2.8 kW. The greenhouse heater has an accurate thermostat with a range between 0 – 40 degrees Celsius which is suitable for most growing applications. The greenhouse heater can also be used for cooling purposes in the summer by setting the thermostat to turn the fan on when the temperature within the greenhouse goes above a certain level. The Pheonix greenhouse heater comes with a three year warranty.

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Width: 220mm
Length: 410mm
Height: 330mm


price: £255.00
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