Vinehouse or Greenhouse?

by Robin Parker in Uncategorised - 19 August 2009

Gabriel Ash offers a large selection of vinehouses and greenhouses specially designed to fit whatever space you have in mind. Every avid gardener loves the idea of having a large freestanding greenhouse, but not every garden has the space to accommodate one. As an alternative, you could consider a smaller lean-to style greenhouse that sits against the wall of a house, outbuilding or other similar structure. Lean-to greenhouses are available in full size, or in cases where there is a limited amount of available height an even smaller version of this structure is available, known as a vinehouse.

Gabriel Ash vinehouses are constructed from high quality Western Red Cedar and are a practical alternative to full sized greenhouses when you have limited space with which to work. Although Gabriel Ash’s vinehouses are designed to stand against the wall of a building, they can also be built as stand alone structures by building an attractive cedar panel for the back. A vinehouse built in this fashion can be used creatively to create privacy or hide an unsightly part of the yard.

Gabriel Ash offers vinehouses in a variety of sizes from the baby 4-foot vinehouse to the spacious 10-foot model. 6 and eight-foot wide models are also available. You can place your vinehouse directly on the ground or you can build a low wall to use as a base. Like all Gabriel Ash products, you can assemble it yourself or have the experts from Gabriel Ash build it for you. If you have a unique space or have a specialized design in mind, you may wish to talk to the bespoke greenhouse specialists at Gabriel Ash about designing a vinehouse to your exact specifications.

Whether you choose a greenhouse or a vinehouse depends on your individual space requirements as well as your budget. Generally most people choose greenhouses when they require a substantial amount of space for their garden, and have adequate space in which to erect it, such as in rural areas. Vinehouses are quite popular in more densely populated areas where most people do not have as much space. A small space does not mean that you cannot own a quality cedar greenhouse. No matter how small or awkward your space is, Gabriel Ash can fit it with a greenhouse or vinehouse.

For additional information about quality cedar greenhouses and vinehouses, contact Gabriel Ash by email or you can call 0845 434 8897.

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