How to bring your garden back to life after winter

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The cold temperatures and severe weather conditions during winter can have an effect on your garden leaving it looking a little dull.
There are however a number of steps that you can take to help bring your garden back to life in time for the spring season.

During winter, certain parts of your garden, such as your lawn, may lose colour.
These areas will usually gain their colour back as spring approaches, but there are certain types of lawn treatment products available for lawns that have been damaged by insects or frost.
When using products on your lawn, you may wish to consider opting for organic products and lawn feed as these will help to create a healthier atmosphere within your garden.

If you wish to brighten up your garden, then start planting some new perennials or bushes.
Water your plants regularly and avoid over-mulching.
If there are any dead leaves left over in your garden, then use them for mulch, along with any household waste that you have accumulated over winter that is suitable for compost.
Removing dead leaves will help to brighten up your garden and leave it looking tidy in time for spring.

Extra garden furniture and accessories will also help to brighten up your garden after winter. 
Consider adding a table and some chairs, a garden bench or attractive items such as ornaments, as these will help to compliment your spring plants.
You can also add bird tables, bird feeders or other small accessories that will help to attract wildlife to your garden and help liven it up.

As winter is left behind and spring approaches, many gardeners will be hoping to start spending more time outside treating their plants.
To provide your plants with proper care, you will need to make sure that any garden equipment that you have kept stored away during winter is still in good condition.
Check that your lawnmower and other garden tools are free of rust and in good condition. Making sure that they are suitable for use will help you to keep your plants at their best as the warmer season approaches and will help to keep your garden lively and healthy.

After winter, you may also wish to consider preparing your greenhouse for spring.
A thorough cleanout of any dead plants, bags or items you have kept stored in there for winter will help you to keep your greenhouse tidy and organised in time for use during the spring.

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