Glasshouse or Planthouse?

by Robin Parker in Uncategorised - 19 October 2009

When you want more than just a greenhouse you may want to consider a beautiful and elegant glasshouse from Gabriel Ash. Like a planthouse, a glasshouse can be used to create an enhanced environment in which to grow beautiful and exotic plants, but a glasshouse from Gabriel Ash is so much more. With all the style of an elegant Edwardian planthouse, these glasshouses can be used for more than just plants.

Available in a wide variety of sizes, these impressive structures can be used for anything from an outdoor seating area to housing a hot tub or an entire swimming pool. Imagine floating lazily in your swimming pool on a rainy day, beneath a canopy of exotic tropical palms, or serving dinner for your guests beneath the stars! A Gabriel Ash glasshouse is a perfect place to enjoy a sunset or to sit for evening cocktails. It also enables you to get more out of your garden by allowing you to spend more time outdoors, even in rainy weather and during the spring and fall months. Artists may find a glasshouse to be an enchanting source of inspiration, and an excellent location for a studio. A glasshouse can double as a greenhouse or plant house, but it can have enough space to be used for so much more!

Glasshouses from Gabriel Ash are constructed from the highest quality Western Red Cedar using the fine craftsmanship and technology that has made Gabriel Ash greenhouses the top in their field. Like their greenhouses, all Gabriel Ash glasshouses have been given the official seal of approval from the Royal Horticultural Society. Gabriel Ash glasshouses are available in a host of majestic designs, and can also be custom designed to your exact specifications by Gabriel Ash’s bespoke glasshouse service.

If you have a specific design in mind for your glasshouse, expert craftsmen from Gabriel Ash will work with you or your architect to design the perfect glasshouse, from start to finish. You could choose to construct a glasshouse that is a freestanding structure, or you could have it attached to an existing building. You can have your glasshouse built with a glass roof, or if using it as a summerhouse you may wish to have it covered with a naturally insulating roof made from Red Cedar shingles so that your plants can still enjoy the summer sun while you have some shade to sit in.

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