Gabriel Ash greenhouse heaters - are they necessary

by Robin Parker in Uncategorised - 2 June 2011

When growing a selection of plants, it is vital that the conditions within your greenhouse are just right. Gabriel Ash offers a selection of heaters to help you maintain a certain temperature within your greenhouse. From small heaters to larger designs, Gabriel Ash offers something to suit all types of greenhouses.

Electric heaters are a great choice for helping you to maintain a certain temperature within your greenhouse. Available with a thermostat, electric heaters allow you to have control over the temperature within your greenhouse. Keeping your greenhouse at the right temperature will help to keep your plants at their best, especially during winter when the temperature within your greenhouse is likely to drop.

For plenty of air circulation and better heat distribution, you may wish to consider installing a fan heater. Fan heaters help to reduce the risk of mould and plant disease, providing a much healthier atmosphere for your plants and keeping your greenhouse at its best.

Greenhouse heaters are ideal for those wishing to experiment with tropical plants. By installing a heater, you can maintain a temperature that matches the climatic needs of your plants. Some exotic or desert type plants, such as cacti, are native to areas where the conditions are warm or dry, so it is vital that you maintain the right temperature in order for them to successfully grow. Researching the needs of any tropical plants you are planning to grow will enable you to provide them with just the right amount of light and heat.

With so many types of greenhouse heaters available, you are sure to find something that suits your requirements. There are small and large designs and energy efficient heaters available, allowing you to find something that suits your greenhouse perfectly. Many types of greenhouse heaters are affordable and easy to operate, allowing you to find something that suits your budget and offers plenty of convenience. Smaller greenhouse heaters are a great choice for those with a lean to greenhouse or a small, freestanding design.

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