Amazing vinehouse designs

by Robin Parker in Uncategorised - 25 August 2010

Vinehouses are the perfect choice for those who have a small garden or require a little extra space to grow a small selection of plants. They are a smaller version of a greenhouse, and can either be attached to a wall or freestanding. There are many spectacular designs available, which will not only provide plenty of space for some of your favourite plants but also add beauty to your garden.

Vinehouses are designed to fit into a small area within your garden. However, there are larger designs available for those who have a little extra space. The baby vinehouse is the perfect choice for those looking for a design that will fit their small garden perfectly. This design is very compact, but will still provide enough room for you to grow a selection of plants and add shelves or benches.

If you are looking for a larger design, then there are the “Vinehouse Six”, “Vinehouse Eight” and “Vinehouse Ten” designs, which provide plenty of room for you to grow a variety of plants and add extra shelving for other items if you wish. The “Vinehouse Ten” design can either be placed on a low wall, or up against a wall, making it ideal for those looking for a design that has plenty to offer without taking up too much garden space.

If you are looking for a top quality vinehouse that is superior in looks and quality then you may wish to opt for a cedar design. Cedar wood not only has many features to offer, it also looks attractive, providing you with a vinehouse that adds plenty of beauty to your garden. This type of vinehouse will also last much longer, as the wood is rot resistant.

If your garden can only accommodate a smaller type of vinehouse and you still require a little more room, then you may wish to consider placing a set of cold frames next to your vinehouse. Cold frames not only fit perfectly into most gardens, they also look attractive and provide enough space for you to grow a selection of your own plants, including vegetables.

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