Advantages of adding a Gabriel Ash vinehouse to your garden

by Robin Parker in Uncategorised - 13 July 2010

Gabriel Ash’s range of vinehouses are designed to provide you with everything you need to keep your plants at their best. These structures are a great choice for those who are looking for a design to suit a smaller garden. There are lean to and free-standing vinehouses available, meaning that you are sure to find a design that fits your garden perfectly. Made from the finest materials, Gabriel Ash’s vinehouses are superior in looks and quality.

If you have a garden that is shaped awkwardly, then a vinehouse is the perfect choice. The baby vinehouse is a good choice in particular, as it is designed to fit into smaller spaces. This structure provides just enough space to grow your favourite plants and also looks attractive.

If you have a passion for gardening and have plenty of space, then you may wish to opt for a full length vinehouse. This type of vinehouse is ideal for growing a wide selection of plants and offers plenty of ventilation. It is also easy to accessorise, making it an ideal choice for those who wish to add extra shelving or heating and lighting.

If you are looking for a design that is attractive and offers plenty of features, then you may wish to opt for the cedar wood vinehouse. This type of vinehouse adds plenty of beauty to any garden and provides your plants with everything they need in order to grow successfully.

For those wishing to create their ideal vinehouse, a bespoke design is the best option. This allows you to create your own design based on your own specifications, providing you with a vinehouse that will not only look great but also fit your garden perfectly. It is the perfect option for those who are struggling to find their perfect vinehouse amongst the designs already available.

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