5 unusual plants to grow in your Gabriel Ash greenhouse

by Robin Parker in Uncategorised - 12 May 2011

By adding a Gabriel Ash greenhouse to your garden, you have the freedom of growing a wide selection of plants all year round. Gabriel Ash’s greenhouses are designed to protect your plants, helping you to keep them at their best. In addition to growing your favourite plants, you can also experiment with something new and interesting. Here are five unusual plants that can be grown in your greenhouse.

1.    Orchids
Orchids are the perfect type of plant for those looking for something interesting that will add plenty of colour to their greenhouse. There are over 26,000 different species of orchid, so you will need to research the type that you are planning to grow, as the climatic needs of each species will vary. Orchids will thrive in a greenhouse that has the right humidity level and the right amount of ventilation. With the right amount of care, you can successfully fill your greenhouse with these beautiful exotic plants and leave your garden looking impressive.

2.    Cacti
Desert type plants such as cacti are the perfect choice for those wishing to grow something interesting and new that requires little maintenance. In order to grow successfully, cacti require plenty of heat and should only be watered in moderation. For those wishing to grow something interesting that offers plenty of benefits, the Aloe Vera cactus is a great choice.

3.    Bromeliad
The Bromeliad is the perfect choice for those looking for an unusual and attractive type of plant that will brighten up their greenhouse. With over 3,000 different species, Bromeliads have much to offer. The plants are known for their unusual foliage, which varies in colour. Some species, such as the Tillandsia cyanea, are known for their distinctive scent. With so many different species, the climatic needs of each plant will vary, so you will need to research the type of Bromeliad that you are planning to grow in order to create the right conditions in your greenhouse.

4.    Lilies
Lilies are already a well known plant, but with around 110 different species, there are plenty of unusual types to grow. The corpse lily, for example, is a great choice for those wishing to grow something unique in their greenhouse. The corpse lily can produce flowers that are up to nine feet tall and earned its name because of the unpleasant smell that it releases. Although unpleasant, the smell provides a number of benefits, the main one being that it keeps insects at bay. The flowers of the corpse lily do not last long, but it still worth growing this type of plant to see the interesting results.

5.    Venus Fly Trap
One of the most popular and unusual plants in the carnivorous plant species, the Venus fly trap is the perfect choice for those wishing to fill their greenhouse with unique plants. The Venus fly trap receives nutrients from the insects that it traps and will only trap moving insects. In order to thrive, Venus fly traps require plenty of sunlight, high humidity and poor soil with high acidity levels. Venus fly traps are the ideal choice for those looking for something unusual that is easy to grow.

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