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Trees For Your Garden

I’m seeing the last hurrah of autumn and the trees in my garden are definitely going out in a blaze of glory this year. If your garden is in need of some autumn colour, now’s the ideal time to consider ordering a bare rooted tree or two for planting during the dormant season. Your garden will thank you for it next year.

by Michelle Chapman in Gardening - 12 November 2014

Plants To Tough It Out

Even though the clocks have changed and there’s no escaping the march towards winter it’s still possible to find some plants which can be sown at this time of the year. Peas and beans, members of the legume family, are a hardy bunch and offer gardeners a late autumn sowing fix. Broad beans if sown now will provide you with a much earlier crop than spring sown plants.

by Louise Curley in Gardening - 10 November 2014

A is for... Apple Day

October is the month for English apples and a good summer this year means there should be plenty available. It’s also a good time to seek out and try some of the varieties which aren’t sold in the shops. There are over 2,000 apple varieties, yet supermarkets usually only carry around 6 of them at a time.

by Michelle Chapman in Gardening - 17 October 2014

The 10 Mistakes Most Gardeners Will Make

Planting a garden is exciting and can be a very rewarding pastime. However, there are a number of mistakes that novice gardeners can make which can render the experience more challenging. Here are ten of the most common and handy tips on how to avoid them.

by Gabriel Ash in Gardening - 12 August 2014

The Fruits of My Labour

It’s the height of summer now and my allotment is in full bloom. Several years ago I decided to dedicate a patch of ground to growing my own cut flowers. I was bored with the choice of flowers on offer at the supermarket and florists, I was no longer happy about buying imported blooms and the environmental impact of growing and transporting them, and I thought it would be fun to give growing my own a try.

by Louise Curley in Gardening - 5 August 2014