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Chillies For Flavour, Not Heat

Over the past few years there has been an explosion in the number of people growing chillies, and the range (and heat) of varieties available.

by Emma Cooper in Gardening - 20 February 2015

Winter Garden Visits

February can be a frustrating month for gardeners. We’re usually champing at the bit eager to get sowing and planting, but often the temperature and light levels thwart our best intentions. The greenhouse is often a place of refuge at these times, allowing for a good potter about even on the dullest and chilliest of days. 

by Michelle Chapman in Gardening - 10 February 2015

To sow or not to sow?

To sow or not to sow, that is the question most gardeners will be asking themselves over the coming weeks. It can be hard to restrain a gardener champing at the bit, eager to start growing after winter’s enforced sabbatical.

by Louise Curley in Gardening - 4 February 2015

winter sowing

There’s a joke doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment that the short, dark days of winter cause gardeners to suffer from SAD - not the Seasonal Affective Disorder that blights so many, but Seed Acquisition Disorder. It’s funny because it’s true - barely are the Christmas dishes cleared from the table than it is spread with seed catalogues to start planning the new season’s crops.

by Emma Cooper in Gardening - 27 January 2015

Keeping a Garden Diary

Do you keep a garden diary? I do. That probably sounds much grander than the reality. I started with a scribbled notebook and I soon discovered I was in good company when I volunteered to sort through the archives at National Trust HQ.

by Michelle Chapman in Gardening - 26 January 2015