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The Fruits of My Labour

It’s the height of summer now and my allotment is in full bloom. Several years ago I decided to dedicate a patch of ground to growing my own cut flowers. I was bored with the choice of flowers on offer at the supermarket and florists, I was no longer happy about buying imported blooms and the environmental impact of growing and transporting them, and I thought it would be fun to give growing my own a try.

by Louise Curley in Gardening - 5 August 2014

Five Herbs that like Heat

If you'd like to squeeze a few treats in with the tomatoes and cucumbers, then there are some tropical herbs that thrive in hot and humid conditions.

by Emma Cooper in Growing - 22 May 2013

What's Growing On in my Greenhouse?

Despite investing in the biggest greenhouse I could afford when I bought mine some 25 years ago I fill it to the brim every year. At 12ft by 8ft I thought its generous size would be more than adequate for my growing plans, but if I had more space I'd fill it!

by Adam Pasco in Growing - 17 May 2013

Plants for a Rainier Britain

Many of the traditional plants, flowers and vegetables that Britons are used to cultivating in our gardens and allotments are simply failing because of the changing climactic conditions that our fair isle has experienced. 

by Robert Smith in Plants - 2 May 2013

Greenhouses: Invest Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

Why a greenhouse is an investment for both today and tomorrow...

by Robert Smith in Gardening - 29 April 2013