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The Big Garden Gamble

Gardeners are all gamblers. We bet on the weather being better than last year, that a sudden frost won’t wipe out our seedlings or the fruit blossom. That the pests won’t overcome our plants. That the final tally of the harvest will be worth the effort we’ve put in over a long season.

by Emma Cooper in Gardening - 28 April 2015

Painting Paradise: The Art of the Garden

If anyone mentions Buckingham Palace and gardening, it’s usually the famous summer garden parties which are under discussion. Now the Palace has added a different topic to the conversation with the recent opening of Painting Paradise: The Art of the Garden at the Queen’s Gallery in London.

by Michelle Chapman in Gardening - 23 April 2015

Bursting At The Seams

It’s happened already. I appear to be running short on growing space, and it’s only the start of April. For the last two years my seed sowing focus has been geared around growing plants for the books I have been writing. Both have had flowers at the heart of them and as a result my veggie patch has been a bit neglected. 

by Louise Curley in Gardening - 14 April 2015

March Madness

It’s a good job March is nearly over, because it’s a strange month for gardening. According to the Met Office, spring began on 1st March and will give way to summer on 31st May. With the official announcement of spring, bulbs sending up flowers and exhortations that you MUST SOW your tomato and pepper seeds this month or miss out all year - it’s no wonder gardeners get themselves into a frenzy of seed sowing.

by Emma Cooper in Gardening - 25 March 2015

Garden Observation is Important

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the appearance of my first daffodil in the garden the past couple of weeks because it’s one of the key dates which marks my garden’s progress through the year. 

by Michelle Chapman in Gardening - 11 March 2015